Easy Healthy Recipe | Chicken Salad Salad

Easy Healthy Recipe| Chicken Salad Salad

Most of the time, a large salad is the centerpiece of my meals, especially in the warmer months, when there is a load of fresh, organic produce available.

And it appears I’m not alone in my preference.

Here is an easy healthy recipe that has our Real Foods Chicken Salad as an ingredient. Of course, you can substitute your own chicken salad; tuna or salmon salad would be good, too.


3 large leaves organic Romaine lettuce
1 medium organic tomato
1 medium organic avocado
1 pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
3 ounces of Real Foods Chicken Salad (chicken breast, vegetables, walnuts, mayo, herbs, honey, and lemon juice)


Hand tear lettuce into bite size pieces. Cut avocado into halves and then dice into bite size pieces. Dice tomato.

Hand toss these ingredients; put on plate.

Spoon the Chicken Salad on the top of the green salad; sprinkle with Celtic Salt, if desired. (Serves 1)

This easy healthy recipe was submitted by Tina Hesskew
Blanco, Texas, USA

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